Welcome to my blog~


Hello everyone and welcome welcome! I’m start this new blog as a way of getting my creative works out into the world for all to see. All that is done here is by my work alone, and Ihope that you all enjoy it as much as I have doing it. Please feel free to let me know how I am doing or what you would like to see out of this blog and such. I’m open to critics for sure if and when appropriate to certain art pieces I decide to show. Thank you all again for taking the time to look at my blog, I really appreciate it.


Our world is Our Ocean


We are a part of a deep and vast world where possibilities are endless and knows no boundaries. We limit ourselves into thinking this world is real, that this world is all there is in our life. I am here as a vessel for a voice beyond that it is not the only world, but one realm of many. My realm is of an ocean, ever changing ever moving. You see the fish, of variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You see mammals like dolphins and whales who are of a higher intelligence then those around them. You see crabs, jellyfish, oysters, eels, seals, sharks, many amazing creatures. We are much like all of them, they have unique abilities but all have one in common, the ability to adapt and survive. We adapt to our environment in order to survive its obstacles and challenges. Many have a difficult time adapting because they have been told to be something they are not. We are not all the same on the outside, but inside….in spirit lies our soul that despite what you may think…comes from the same source. We are all different we were given a special gift at the moment we were created, even before we breathed our first breath….free will. This world is not permanent but one of many changing worlds. It is always changing and we must adapt with it, because we were created to do so…to learn who we all are. Some adapt at different rates and that is okay in the great eyes of our maker. We are the duality of the universe, the positive and the negative. We have a choice which we can give more to, good or bad. Everything can be balanced one way or another, the universe has the power to shift it all whether we want it to or not. Our free will shapes what our current world will look like for us. It can be one of misery and where you feel powerless, wanting to go through the phases of life wanting to die and make others miserable, or to be like Buddha where you are content and happy in the moment because material things matter not, because they are not important. What you do with this life and the time granted in this world alone shapes your personal reality. What you see now is not real and is only temporary to what true powers lay inside you. We all have a gift unique to us, and we know it has been there since we were born. We are creators, we are gods of our on world, it has been told to you many times but everyone has chosen to ignore it. We are children within our ocean, we are timeless beings. We have the wisdom of sages hidden within locked away. Through meditation, painting, writing, crafting, anything creative or even sitting quietly in a room by ourselves we can tap into that power. No one is alone in this and that is the beauty of this gift. We are all connected to the Great and Powerful maker who made the universe. When we are ready we can go within and feel that light, the warm fluttery feeling will begin to grow inside. You will know when you have found it. This reality doesn’t have to rule you, you are not chained to this, you are not prisoners or slaves to the rules of this world. Your so much more, and its time you discover that. No one is without power, we are all of the eternal light. We are divine creation, we have the power to move mountains. You must believe it in yourself, because your soul is waiting for you. It waits patiently for when you need it most, so it can give you strength in your most dire need of it. When you pray, it is there. When you cry and scream out in pain, at the end it helps you sleep. When you are happy, you feel inside the joy of being happy. It is the tickle in your heart when your in love, because love is stronger than any darkness. We are all adapting to a world that is cruel and unkind, struggling to make ends meet. We feel we can’t make enough money to live a comfortable life, or slaves to making it work so that when we reach old age we don’t have to work no more. It doesn’t have to be so, life like this is not what it was mean’t to be. It has been twisted because money has become the tool of darkness. It does not have to be, money does not have to rule you, you’ve just surrendered to this idea. Your drowning in the ocean, and you think the sharks will eat you…you think this is how it has to be, but it doesn’t. This is not your end, you have the power to change it within your mind. Change your thoughts for they are magnets in this world. Attraction is a true concept not a myth. Change your thoughts, and you change the world. This is your ocean, your waters your fish your sea, it is all you…YOU can change it all of you believe in yourself to do so, and know that you are not alone. Together we all have the power to change the world we are living in, but it starts with you. The water stills itself, now you must make the leap and the waves will follow your direction. All the power in the universe is yours, but you must want the change and have the patience to keep going in the direction of your calling. Go towards your dreams, it is there waiting for you. It has always been there waiting, for when you were ready to use that power, the gift…of creation.

A Walk in the Woods~



I was walking with my dog a week ago and came across this beauty. I have seen a lot of the Jasmine plants around where I live here in Florida but not like this. I thought it was beautiful to see that nature has no limits to where it wants to grow. No limits is what this picture represents to me.

Ostara (Easter Picture)



This was taken on Easter Sunday when I was visiting my Boyfriend’s parent’s house for Easter Dinner. For the ones who don’t know from my earlier posts, I’m a practicing Wiccan and during this day observed it as a pagan holiday as it was originally intended to be. I will not going into my beliefs on this topic because I do not want a war starting on my blog, but I simply was feeling the energy on this day and was happy to have seen it as the rebirth of the mother within and around us all. Mother Earth is awakening and bringing about new life into the world she has given us. So I feel much appreciation on that day and carry it on for the rest of this year until the next Ostara~


No automatic alt text available.This drawing was inspired by the song Green Light by Lorde. I love her songs so much but this one inspired me most and reminded me of Diana considering her past. I imagine here would be where she realizes she is between her past and her future points and which path she wants to take. In this picture, she runs to the future to where her best friend is waiting for her. The green light in this is for her to let go of the past that has her chained, and run to the happy and carefree life with those who care about her most. I thought it was neat. 🙂

Diana Trackerson~




Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, drawingMy second character here is Diana. This was the one I said in my last post was diagnosed with PTSD and is Schizophrenic. She is one of the few who can manage her episodes unless an overwhelming memory is triggered and she can no longer keep her mind in contact with her body. The voices she hears after having been through a tramatic childhood, are what try to help keep her safe from returning to those deadly memories. They are not malicious in anyway she tells the thearpists and are there to help her not go back to that awful place. Unfortunately because of her condition Diana has little to no friends in the hospital….except one. Leona met Diana through a program the hosptial wanted to try with the psych patients and those who are terminal patients in the hosptial. Leona was to be the person Diana could talk to, at first in a controlled environment. Thats when Leona told her she would be her friend and Diana was extremely surprised. They have been inseparable since and have regularly sceduled visits. Diana had started to recover from her reserved and depressed state and was learning to function with normal people, even with her condition.


Diana was first brought to the hospital after a suicide attempt on her life. She was the daughter of a serial killer who had at some point turned to her to use as his victim to use for torture methods. It was around when she turned 19 that he started to notice her as a new fleshy body to work on. Diana had lived with the man who was suppose to be her father but then went on a killing rampage after killing her mother in front of her and enjoyed it. Since then Diana had been present at every killing at the house and her memories of it were what she was chained to. The voices started after that and when she became the victim, she had to fight every night to stay away from him. She had been afraid to run away because she didn’t know what was out there in the world. She feared the world outside and thought that she would find someone just like him or worse. When the police finally caught up to him, they found her trying to attack them, bloody and in very poor health. They brought her to the hospital in such a savage state they thought there was no hope in saving her. Then a doctor had her committed to the psych ward of the hospital and put a determined therapist in charge of her care. As hard as it was intentionally Diana slowly came out and was able to speak of what happened. The voices were strong at first but then died down as she realized she was safe and that he wouldn’t come back again. It didn’t stop the nightmares she had though. She then had to sleep during the day, and stayed awake at night because of this ordeal. Nights were when they scheduled the visits with Leona, and also because most of the trauma happened at night. Diana is slowly recovering now with the help of her best friend, who she believes saved her soul from destruction.