The Curse of the Sirens


Deep below the ocean blue waves,

They sing their song to passing ships,

Though hypnotically beautiful they bring a deadly fate,

For those aboard the drifting vessel,

Trapped you are within their realm,

Escape you can’t it’s too late to turn and run,

A glimpse you see of flowing red hair,

The sharp twist of a fish tail on the starboard,

It’s the end for the crew you know it well,

The rocks edge closer,

There is no turning back,

A loud crunch hits the bowels of the ship,

Say your prayers to the merciless goddess,

For she is the only one to hear you now,

Down to the locker she goes and with her crew,

The mighty pirates ship Ringer becomes another lost wreck,

Another collection to the graveyard of ships and their crew as well.

Written by:

Veronica Taylor


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