Finding Self~


  A search for ones inner self is never an easy journey,

 It takes a lot of patience and learning more about who you really are inside,

The path itself is a test to know how much you want to really know about the life you want to live….or the life you are going to live,

Everything you see is there before you to acknowledge it, 

What you refuse to see is what is truth about yourself, 

You can never hide or be blind to the truth,

It exists and is always there in your mind, 

Be aware that once you see it you can never unsee it for the mind is knowing of everything and your ego is what can get in the way,

So if you wonder next time why you are really here on this planet…existing in this life,

Be prepared for what answers will come because they are not very pretty in any way, 

Our inner-selves are harsh but are also beautiful if we learn to change based on what we learn,

Remember this as you journey on…because life isn’t about being boring, 

We all have something to learn because no one is perfect but the creator itself.




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