Happy Second Day Of Spring~


Sorry for being late, work has called my attention and I wasn’t able to write my post yesterday which was the official first day of spring. To Pagans everywhere this was also Ostara, a celebration of spring time and rebirth of the Earth and the energies within her. Where I am from there is really no separation of the seasons, it is either really hot or really cold unfortunately but sometimes it has it’s rewards. I aim to make this blog a bit more colorful in the coming days but I dare not promise I will have an image or picture every day. I work too much to promise that, as sad as it is I love to do my art more than working where I do. I will also be making more modifications to this site of mine and including more pictures in my gallery finally. I will also have rituals recipes and such in my library taps so keep an eye on that as well.


In other news on my personal life I aim to make many significant chances as I have started today. With Spring here it is time to do a bunch of spring cleaning, getting rid of the old and what not. I hope to improve my life and meditate more on matters that bother me. It’s always good to step back and really take in what it means to live life. It’s not easy to sit and just be, trust me I fidget more than anything when I sit still for too long. But it has helped to release some of the stress that my job and life has brought to me. Yet it also taught me that I am responsible for my life and that I can change it. I don’t have to be stuck, so I am taking the reins again and changing the course I am going. I hope that I make the right choices and follow the way with my guardians at my side. So pray with me, or send positive vibrations my way because lord knows I’ll need it. I thank those who have liked or follow my blog as it has been discouraging when I’m not getting noticed. I know patience is key with these things but I do want to thank those who have actually looked at my posts and have at least liked it. It gives me so much hope you don’t even know. God Bless you all and have a wonderful time this season as the flowers begin to bloom and new births appear. It’s a beautiful time right now, enjoy it while it lasts.



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