Beach Day~


Went to the beach on the 22nd of this week with a friend of mine from work and her girlfriend to kind of get away from the stress of our daily lives. Lately my friend and I have become so immersed in the negativity of our jobs that we just wanted to get a breath of real fresh air. Salty seas can do that for ya, believe it or not. In any case, it had been a long time since I had been to the beach that I thought it a time to head there. It was beautiful there, even though the water was freezing it was still refreshing to spend that quality time with them. Before I was just so frustrated with everything that I was hating life, a lot more than usual. I can get depressed quite easily, but when I went to the serene beach of New Smyrna….it was like a blanket was just put over me and the worries of the world were gone. It was awesome, and the breezy and hot sand…were so peaceful. There was barely any people there so we had the spot to ourselves when we walked around. It was a much needed break and like I said, gave me some quality time with my friends which I rarely get to do anymore. When you find people you can trust and talk to, it really makes life easier to go through. I honestly don’t know how far I would have went if I didn’t have the people I have today. So with that break, I hope to set my path straight and make the choices best suited for me. Wish me luck everyone, and have a great weekend!



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