The Being Within~


No automatic alt text available.This here is the secret to Leona, what she hides from everyone and even herself. The young woman has hidden her identity from her parents for obvious reasons and has lived with this fact ever since. The only problem with being a faerie in the modern world, is that in order to thrive you need a positive environment. Now due to her negative upbringing, Leona has become weak and her health began to manifest this. In my story that I am writing with another girl on the website Deviant art, when Leona begins to find love her power grows inside. She begins to heal until the other has an episode and they meet face to face with death. Leona has the ability to heal people with her magick but her magick requires the feeling of unconditional love at its rawest point to completely take her over. So when her love was dying, she cries out and ignites her power. Its not one she can tap into at any time you see, certain things have to be done to ignite it and she realizes this when  she saved her girlfriends life. Not every magickal being is immune to the laws of Earth unfortunately.


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