The Start of new doodles~ My character Leona Knight~


Image may contain: drawing

I like to write in my spare time off this blog with others and also when I am working on my own novels. This girl here was born from my random idea of a patient character with a very rare condition, while also watching Grey’s Anatomy offline believe it or not. I like to create unique characters that are not super mary sue like but just have a unique flaw to them that you would never expect. For instance Leona has sudden death syndrome that manifests in extreme stress moments and will have very often close calls. No one knows when the time of her ultimate death lapse will actually happen as it is quite random given it could happen when she isn’t doing really anything. She also comes from a drug obsessed environment and her parents lost custody for child abuse and neglect for her safety or health. Leona now lives in the very hospital trying to figure out a way to save her from this disease. Unknown to them, she has a secret that only her psych patient friend would know about.


This is what I mean’t by a unique approach. None of the characters I make are ever perfect or have a god complex. They are extensions of me in various ways given how my personality is. Leona here is super shy but has a big heart and is kind to everyone around her. For me I try to be like that in my actual life, but even I have my demons. Not everyone I can be nice to after you have been hurt so many times by them that it is basically abuse by that point. Leona however has seen multiple times how fragile her body is and that she has little time to be angry or sad about anything in life. Instead she tries to enjoy what she has before the end of the line arrives. She is my remind that I can’t always be angry at a person, even though they deserve the worst of karma. It still doesn’t matter, because it only hurts you and does nothing to them. You just need to make yourself happy, and that is what she is about while still caring of others because they may or may not deserve that kindness, but it makes everyone happy in the end. So yeah, thats what I feel on that 🙂 Thank you for reading~


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