Trying to get inspired again~


Many things are going on in the world right now. Right now near where I live we have been through a very destructive hurricane and are rebuilding what most have lost. Being in retail during this is a demanding job but, it gives us employees the hours we need to pick ourselves back up too. Mother Nature is not happy with what has been happening on the planet’s surface, and she has a right to be upset. It seems like the world is in the dumps in regards to enjoying the life we have on this planet. It even makes me depressed sometimes, and that’s when it begins to hinder my mood on a daily basis. So I’m starting to get back into painting, as it was my therapy before this madness had started so I shall go to my happy place again. Music helps me as well which I am using to hone my skills. Right now my main love is for the countries in which I am currently painting which is the featured photo as well as in the post. This goes to show that even in the darkness there is always a way to survive it. Share the love as best as you can. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, blessed be friends~