Trying to get inspired again~


Many things are going on in the world right now. Right now near where I live we have been through a very destructive hurricane and are rebuilding what most have lost. Being in retail during this is a demanding job but, it gives us employees the hours we need to pick ourselves back up too. Mother Nature is not happy with what has been happening on the planet’s surface, and she has a right to be upset. It seems like the world is in the dumps in regards to enjoying the life we have on this planet. It even makes me depressed sometimes, and that’s when it begins to hinder my mood on a daily basis. So I’m starting to get back into painting, as it was my therapy before this madness had started so I shall go to my happy place again. Music helps me as well which I am using to hone my skills. Right now my main love is for the countries in which I am currently painting which is the featured photo as well as in the post. This goes to show that even in the darkness there is always a way to survive it. Share the love as best as you can. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, blessed be friends~




Our world is Our Ocean


We are a part of a deep and vast world where possibilities are endless and knows no boundaries. We limit ourselves into thinking this world is real, that this world is all there is in our life. I am here as a vessel for a voice beyond that it is not the only world, but one realm of many. My realm is of an ocean, ever changing ever moving. You see the fish, of variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You see mammals like dolphins and whales who are of a higher intelligence then those around them. You see crabs, jellyfish, oysters, eels, seals, sharks, many amazing creatures. We are much like all of them, they have unique abilities but all have one in common, the ability to adapt and survive. We adapt to our environment in order to survive its obstacles and challenges. Many have a difficult time adapting because they have been told to be something they are not. We are not all the same on the outside, but inside….in spirit lies our soul that despite what you may think…comes from the same source. We are all different we were given a special gift at the moment we were created, even before we breathed our first breath….free will. This world is not permanent but one of many changing worlds. It is always changing and we must adapt with it, because we were created to do so…to learn who we all are. Some adapt at different rates and that is okay in the great eyes of our maker. We are the duality of the universe, the positive and the negative. We have a choice which we can give more to, good or bad. Everything can be balanced one way or another, the universe has the power to shift it all whether we want it to or not. Our free will shapes what our current world will look like for us. It can be one of misery and where you feel powerless, wanting to go through the phases of life wanting to die and make others miserable, or to be like Buddha where you are content and happy in the moment because material things matter not, because they are not important. What you do with this life and the time granted in this world alone shapes your personal reality. What you see now is not real and is only temporary to what true powers lay inside you. We all have a gift unique to us, and we know it has been there since we were born. We are creators, we are gods of our on world, it has been told to you many times but everyone has chosen to ignore it. We are children within our ocean, we are timeless beings. We have the wisdom of sages hidden within locked away. Through meditation, painting, writing, crafting, anything creative or even sitting quietly in a room by ourselves we can tap into that power. No one is alone in this and that is the beauty of this gift. We are all connected to the Great and Powerful maker who made the universe. When we are ready we can go within and feel that light, the warm fluttery feeling will begin to grow inside. You will know when you have found it. This reality doesn’t have to rule you, you are not chained to this, you are not prisoners or slaves to the rules of this world. Your so much more, and its time you discover that. No one is without power, we are all of the eternal light. We are divine creation, we have the power to move mountains. You must believe it in yourself, because your soul is waiting for you. It waits patiently for when you need it most, so it can give you strength in your most dire need of it. When you pray, it is there. When you cry and scream out in pain, at the end it helps you sleep. When you are happy, you feel inside the joy of being happy. It is the tickle in your heart when your in love, because love is stronger than any darkness. We are all adapting to a world that is cruel and unkind, struggling to make ends meet. We feel we can’t make enough money to live a comfortable life, or slaves to making it work so that when we reach old age we don’t have to work no more. It doesn’t have to be so, life like this is not what it was mean’t to be. It has been twisted because money has become the tool of darkness. It does not have to be, money does not have to rule you, you’ve just surrendered to this idea. Your drowning in the ocean, and you think the sharks will eat you…you think this is how it has to be, but it doesn’t. This is not your end, you have the power to change it within your mind. Change your thoughts for they are magnets in this world. Attraction is a true concept not a myth. Change your thoughts, and you change the world. This is your ocean, your waters your fish your sea, it is all you…YOU can change it all of you believe in yourself to do so, and know that you are not alone. Together we all have the power to change the world we are living in, but it starts with you. The water stills itself, now you must make the leap and the waves will follow your direction. All the power in the universe is yours, but you must want the change and have the patience to keep going in the direction of your calling. Go towards your dreams, it is there waiting for you. It has always been there waiting, for when you were ready to use that power, the gift…of creation.

The Start of new doodles~ My character Leona Knight~


Image may contain: drawing

I like to write in my spare time off this blog with others and also when I am working on my own novels. This girl here was born from my random idea of a patient character with a very rare condition, while also watching Grey’s Anatomy offline believe it or not. I like to create unique characters that are not super mary sue like but just have a unique flaw to them that you would never expect. For instance Leona has sudden death syndrome that manifests in extreme stress moments and will have very often close calls. No one knows when the time of her ultimate death lapse will actually happen as it is quite random given it could happen when she isn’t doing really anything. She also comes from a drug obsessed environment and her parents lost custody for child abuse and neglect for her safety or health. Leona now lives in the very hospital trying to figure out a way to save her from this disease. Unknown to them, she has a secret that only her psych patient friend would know about.


This is what I mean’t by a unique approach. None of the characters I make are ever perfect or have a god complex. They are extensions of me in various ways given how my personality is. Leona here is super shy but has a big heart and is kind to everyone around her. For me I try to be like that in my actual life, but even I have my demons. Not everyone I can be nice to after you have been hurt so many times by them that it is basically abuse by that point. Leona however has seen multiple times how fragile her body is and that she has little time to be angry or sad about anything in life. Instead she tries to enjoy what she has before the end of the line arrives. She is my remind that I can’t always be angry at a person, even though they deserve the worst of karma. It still doesn’t matter, because it only hurts you and does nothing to them. You just need to make yourself happy, and that is what she is about while still caring of others because they may or may not deserve that kindness, but it makes everyone happy in the end. So yeah, thats what I feel on that 🙂 Thank you for reading~

Beach Day~


Went to the beach on the 22nd of this week with a friend of mine from work and her girlfriend to kind of get away from the stress of our daily lives. Lately my friend and I have become so immersed in the negativity of our jobs that we just wanted to get a breath of real fresh air. Salty seas can do that for ya, believe it or not. In any case, it had been a long time since I had been to the beach that I thought it a time to head there. It was beautiful there, even though the water was freezing it was still refreshing to spend that quality time with them. Before I was just so frustrated with everything that I was hating life, a lot more than usual. I can get depressed quite easily, but when I went to the serene beach of New Smyrna….it was like a blanket was just put over me and the worries of the world were gone. It was awesome, and the breezy and hot sand…were so peaceful. There was barely any people there so we had the spot to ourselves when we walked around. It was a much needed break and like I said, gave me some quality time with my friends which I rarely get to do anymore. When you find people you can trust and talk to, it really makes life easier to go through. I honestly don’t know how far I would have went if I didn’t have the people I have today. So with that break, I hope to set my path straight and make the choices best suited for me. Wish me luck everyone, and have a great weekend!


Happy Second Day Of Spring~


Sorry for being late, work has called my attention and I wasn’t able to write my post yesterday which was the official first day of spring. To Pagans everywhere this was also Ostara, a celebration of spring time and rebirth of the Earth and the energies within her. Where I am from there is really no separation of the seasons, it is either really hot or really cold unfortunately but sometimes it has it’s rewards. I aim to make this blog a bit more colorful in the coming days but I dare not promise I will have an image or picture every day. I work too much to promise that, as sad as it is I love to do my art more than working where I do. I will also be making more modifications to this site of mine and including more pictures in my gallery finally. I will also have rituals recipes and such in my library taps so keep an eye on that as well.


In other news on my personal life I aim to make many significant chances as I have started today. With Spring here it is time to do a bunch of spring cleaning, getting rid of the old and what not. I hope to improve my life and meditate more on matters that bother me. It’s always good to step back and really take in what it means to live life. It’s not easy to sit and just be, trust me I fidget more than anything when I sit still for too long. But it has helped to release some of the stress that my job and life has brought to me. Yet it also taught me that I am responsible for my life and that I can change it. I don’t have to be stuck, so I am taking the reins again and changing the course I am going. I hope that I make the right choices and follow the way with my guardians at my side. So pray with me, or send positive vibrations my way because lord knows I’ll need it. I thank those who have liked or follow my blog as it has been discouraging when I’m not getting noticed. I know patience is key with these things but I do want to thank those who have actually looked at my posts and have at least liked it. It gives me so much hope you don’t even know. God Bless you all and have a wonderful time this season as the flowers begin to bloom and new births appear. It’s a beautiful time right now, enjoy it while it lasts.


Finding Self~


  A search for ones inner self is never an easy journey,

 It takes a lot of patience and learning more about who you really are inside,

The path itself is a test to know how much you want to really know about the life you want to live….or the life you are going to live,

Everything you see is there before you to acknowledge it, 

What you refuse to see is what is truth about yourself, 

You can never hide or be blind to the truth,

It exists and is always there in your mind, 

Be aware that once you see it you can never unsee it for the mind is knowing of everything and your ego is what can get in the way,

So if you wonder next time why you are really here on this planet…existing in this life,

Be prepared for what answers will come because they are not very pretty in any way, 

Our inner-selves are harsh but are also beautiful if we learn to change based on what we learn,

Remember this as you journey on…because life isn’t about being boring, 

We all have something to learn because no one is perfect but the creator itself.